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visual-aziendaARGEX, since 1983, has been about protecting and cleaning your silver.
ARGEX fabric is used to make highly prized, practical bags for silver, specially created in natural fibres of organic cotton, which has undergone a long, costly treatment with sulphur inhibitors, to keep your cutlery and silverware bright for a long period of time.
As far as cleaning is concerned, ARGEX offers a huge range of products, ranging from gloves and cloths impregnated with silver cleaners, to immersion liquid and cream, true essence of cleaning.
These products were developed in collaboration with Professor IVO PERA (former university lecturer in the U.S.A., researcher in chemistry and physics, with no less than 70 inventions to his name, 7 of which are on display at the NASA KENNEDY SPACE CENTER in Florida. They guarantee the high level of quality reached and for this reason are recommended to the most discerning customers, including American companies.


When faced with purchasing storage bags for silverware, many people are unable to decide between those treated with antioxidants and those treated with sulphur inhibitors.
In fact, there is a considerable difference between the two types of bags, which we shall explain briefly below.


A specific treatment that is applied to all coloured fabrics to prevent sunlight altering their colour.
They have no particular properties to prevent silver from tarnishing.


A quite unique treatment, obtained based on know-how from years of experience and research in Argex laboratories, applied to fabrics using a very long and costly procedure.
This technical characteristic allows Argex bags to maintain and prevent the silver from tarnishing.


When purchasing storage bags for your silverware, we recommend you always request a certificate of guarantee, like that issued by ARGEX, showing they have been treated with SULPHUR INHIBITORS.


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